• Individual approach - a method of customer satisfaction.
  • Liability in cases - usually daily activities.
  • Honesty, openness and honesty - firm rules for the relationship with customers and partners.
  • Excellence, quality and professionalism - our standard of performance.
  • Focus on results - the requirement for the work performed.

Mission, philosophy and values - «Lugstoyexpert»


Being a leader in an efficient and perfect realization of construction projects using innovative techniques of design, construction and management in the field of industrial and civil construction, to satisfy the customer's needs.

Our company's philosophy

We look confidently to the future and strive for leadership positions in the foreign and domestic markets.

Continuous improvement of business processes and introduction of new technologies and production management will meet the growing needs of customers.

Our design and construction of the foundation is: the search for the most accurate and best reflect the desires and capabilities of the Customer, in conjunction with the environment, the applicable law and modern technologies and materials.

Using the ideas and knowledge from around the world, extensive business contacts and their own achievements, focusing on customers' opinions and experience of its partners, implementing energy-saving and resource-saving technologies, we always find the most effective solutions for the most demanding tasks.

We generate and develop the most advanced architectural ideas of buildings for housing, work and leisure.


1. High moral character. We are working within the team as well as with customers and partners, strictly observing decency, honesty, openness, and other ethical foundations.

2. Responsibility. We understand and share are not afraid to take responsibility for our actions and the results of labor. We are responsible not only for themselves but also for those who work there, as well as the company as a whole and the products manufactured by them.

3.Self-development. We constantly samosovershenstvuemsya in professional and personal qualities. Strengthen existing and acquiring new knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the company's leading position.

4. Energy and industry. We take tremendous energy and efficiency to achieve outstanding results in their work.

5. Unity of command. We build relationships with each other based on the principles of close cooperation, responsiveness, mutual assistance, mentoring, kindness, tolerance, subordinating their activities common goal - to improve the level of development of the company, realizing that the overall success depends on how each performs its role . We enjoy working together and are proud of our joint achievements.

6. Innovations. We keep our finger on the pulse of new technology and constantly monitor the changes taking place around, introducing the most advanced technologies in our work and in manufactured products.

7. Ambitious goals. We have set ourselves ambitious targets and strive for high ideals, both in the general level of development of the enterprise and in the performance of its individual functions. Effectively and efficiently achieve their goals and never rest on our laurels.

8. Initiative. We are not afraid to take the initiative, put forward with confidence bold ideas to improve our operations and manufactured products.

9. Creation. We are coming to the tasks flexibly with radically new views, creatively achieving its goals, to get maximum results.

10. Systems approach. We provide the optimal sequence and methods for performing tasks through global thinking and planning in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maintain quality.

11. Customer Orientation. We strive to anticipate the needs, desires and needs of our customers all over cooperation, as implementing them in our products and services.

12. Quality. We adhere to the impeccable quality standards, regardless of what functions we perform and what projects are implementing.