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Drafting passports technical condition of buildings and structures

According to the Resolution № 409 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 5.05.1997. all objects of industrial, public, storage and other purposes, engineering structures, as well as engineering services to ensure their reliability, safe operation and prevent accidents on them, are subject to conduct work for the certification and technical inspection with the assistance of relevant research and design organizations.

The main task of certification of buildings (structures) is an extension of their normal operation. Certification shall be subject to the building (structure) of all government agencies and individual enterprises regardless of ownership. The result of the certification - the creation of a common framework for monitoring and control of state facilities for timely detection of pre-emergency and emergency situations, as well as the decommissioning of emergency dangerous buildings (structures).

The form of the passport technical condition of the building (structure) fills its owner (head of the organization) on the basis of a complete examination and determine the technical condition of the building (structure) with a representative of a specialized organization that conducted the survey. But due to the fact that the representatives of the specialized organization that conducted the survey, much more competent in filling Passports, that they have to make it, although the filling of some sections of Passports can not be without the information that can be obtained only from the owner of the building.

A survey carried out by a specialized organization on a contract basis at the expense of the owner of the object. Accuracy of the data entered in the passport, confirmed by the signatures of the owner of the object (the head of the organization) and a representative of a specialized organization that conducted the survey. The structure consists of five mandatory passport applications and other applications of recommendation, which are listed in the event of the need to define the features of the building (structure). Passport applications cords and sealed by the Organization object.Made in two copies, one of which is kept by the owner of the building (structure), and the second - in the organization that conducted the certification.

Passport of the technical condition of the building (structure) is developed and populated with only one (the first) times. Changes in the technical condition of the object, which are fixed for the following certification of the surveys are entered in the passport as a supplement to the date of the survey and certify the signature of the owner of the object and the person in charge of the investigation (the result of which these changes have been identified). Owner of the object (the head of the organization) is required to amend the passport no later than one month after the end of the survey.The frequency of subsequent examinations determined after the certification of the "Rules of surveys, technical condition assessment and certification of industrial and residential buildings and structures" necessity or unscheduled inspection in connection with an emergency situation, which has led to a change in the technical condition of the object.

Passports for buildings (structures), and to the facilities after their reconstruction or major repairs are made immediately after the adoption of the state of the object or the technical committee. The passport is a document that certifies the technical condition of the building (structure) and is used to confirm the operational suitability (unsuitable) object.