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  • Liability in cases - usually daily activities.
  • Honesty, openness and honesty - firm rules for the relationship with customers and partners.
  • Excellence, quality and professionalism - our standard of performance.
  • Focus on results - the requirement for the work performed.

Architectural and structural design of buildings and structures

The company "Scientific Production Firm "Lugstroyekspert" provides comprehensive architectural and structural design of all types of housing, civil and industrial use of any level of complexity in full required for coordination and construction, including all engineering sections.

Our team of architects develops exclusive designs premium on creating a truly beautiful thing.

Architectural design - a symbiosis of art, science and industry that combine durability, utility and beauty of form. It is a harmonious fusion of these features distinguish the creation of the result of the work of the architect engineer.

The professionalism of our team allows you to create objects that are not only stands out unique eye-catching design, but also to provide such important components as the return on investment, functionality, durability, reliability and safety, etc. A fully satisfy the wishes and ideas of customers, while remaining within the strict framework of the numerous requirements, regulations and building codes.

Our approach is the organization of space - bright, clean, harmonious and stylish architecture, which causes the necessary emotions and mood, whether it is a residential complex or office building, restaurant or nightclub, town house or cottage.

We do not impose ready-made templates, and individual approach to the needs and capabilities of each client. Create a comfortable environment, we search for and implement beautiful, comfortable solutions, we achieve optimal economic performance, embodying your outlook and organically opening, complementing your refined taste.

Continuous learning is the most advanced ideas and the introduction of new technologies in the practice of design allows us to confidently maintain a high standard of quality design work. When designing we keep all the technical standards guarantee quality design work.

The main target destination sites for which we provide services integrated architectural building design:

  • Apartment complexes, cottage villages, Residential District;

  • Social and business centers;

  • Shopping centers;

  • Educational, scientific and research institutions;

  • Sport and health centers;

  • Restaurants and bars;

  • Warehousing and logistics facilities;

  • Industrial enterprises;

  • Engineering structures and systems;

  • Agricultural systems;

  • Transportation facilities and systems;

  • Public utilities;

  • Objects of government, defense, national security, foreign missions;

  • Special buildings and structures of military and law enforcement agencies;

  • Objects experimental building.

The main sections of the design documentation developed in the course of providing the services of a complex architectural building design:

  • Development of master plans:

    • neighborhood;

    • quarter;

    • construction industry;

    • object;

  • Design of bearing and protecting designs:

    • masonry and reinforced masonry;

    • concrete and reinforced concrete;

    • metal;

    • wood and composite;

    • Other constructions (using plastics, composites, etc.)

  • Design of internal and external engineering networks and systems engineering:

    • water and sanitation;

    • heating, ventilation and air conditioning;

    • gas supply and gas equipment;

    • electrical and electronic equipment;

  • Technological design of various types of objects:

    • the coal industry;

    • ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

    • heavy engineering facilities;

    • Nearby electrical industry;

    • production of building materials and structures;

    • etc.;

  • Development of specific sections of the projects:

    • assess the impact on the environment;

    • occupational safety;

    • corrosion protection;

    • the organization of construction;

    • projects of construction works;

    • development of construction documents.

Thus, summing up all the above, we can safely say that any customer by contacting our organization will always be able to find here an understanding of its needs and with our help to realize their dreams.

Download a sample section of the working documentation of architectural building project