• Individual approach - a method of customer satisfaction.
  • Liability in cases - usually daily activities.
  • Honesty, openness and honesty - firm rules for the relationship with customers and partners.
  • Excellence, quality and professionalism - our standard of performance.
  • Focus on results - the requirement for the work performed.

Author's supervision

Ltd. "Scientific Production Firm "Lugstroyekspert" renders services in the implementation of supervision, to ensure compliance erected building project, working documentation for its construction.

"Supervision" - a set of measures implemented to ensure compliance with technical, stylistic architectural, construction and other technical solutions and performance of the object being built solutions and indicators set out in the approved project documentation.

Field supervision involves routine (every few days) site visit to clarify the details of the project and make the appropriate comments in the Journal of works, as well as issues on the project documentation arising from the Customer, a building contractor, and other legal and natural persons as directed by the customer.

The need for the construction of a specific object supervision is determined by the customer during the preparation of the design assignment, but the most important objects of construction, where 's supervision is mandatory by law.

In exercising supervision over the construction of the facility regularly logs the supervision of construction, which is made by the designer and delivered to the customer. Logging can be done both on the construction project as a whole and in its start-up complexes or individual buildings and structures.

Each visit of the construction professionals logged. A record of the work carried out under the author's supervision of certified signatures of the authorized representatives of the customer and the contractor. Recording is performed in the absence of observations.

Field supervision include:

  • Random inspection of constructed structures, materials, construction and installation works according the design decisions and requirements of building regulations;

  • Monitoring compliance with the production technology work affecting the strength, stability and durability of structures and installation of technological and engineering equipment;

  • Consultation and familiarization with the contractor working documents;

  • Operational issues for amendments, additions to the project documentation and monitoring of their implementation;

  • Contribute to the examination of the main acts of the hidden works, the quality of the execution of which depend on the strength, stability, reliability and security of the object being built;

  • Regular fixation of work performed, if necessary drawbacks of these works in a special supervision.

  • Participation in the acceptance committee when entering the facility.

Cost of services Author supervision

The cost of supervision will be negotiated separately and can vary widely, depending on customer requirements