• Individual approach - a method of customer satisfaction.
  • Liability in cases - usually daily activities.
  • Honesty, openness and honesty - firm rules for the relationship with customers and partners.
  • Excellence, quality and professionalism - our standard of performance.
  • Focus on results - the requirement for the work performed.


Ltd. "Scientific Production Firm "Lugstroyekspert" ensure the implementation of the most complex projects in the market of residential, commercial and industrial construction. All facilities are being built in the shortest time with consistently high quality.

Its principal activities are the construction and reconstruction of industrial , public and residential purposes, including, under the full range of activities with the delivery of "turn-key".

Types of construction:

— new;

— reconstruction;

— Overhaul;

— re-equipment and modernization;

— dismantling.

General contracting

Our company is ready to offer its experience and expertise, taking on the full range of activities to organize the construction , reconstruction or repair of buildings and structures.

Construction work on the modern stage require particularly careful approach at every stage of the construction of the object. Alone the customer is not able to track the quality of work, as problems may arise in the design of various types of documents. All these and many other commitments can take over the general contracting company that has all the necessary permits, and therefore the authority to carry out a particular activity. In this case, between the customer and general contractor company is a general contractor for the construction contract. The important point is that the legal responsibility of entire responsibility of the general contractor (regardless of the indication of this in the current contract).

As a general contractor, we perform the following functions:

  • Ensuring the development of technical documentation necessary for all types of construction work.

  • Selection of sub-contractors to perform certain types of construction works in consultation with the customer.

  • Subcontracting with subcontractors, as appropriate.

  • Drawing up with sub-contractors and approval in consultation with them: the production schedules of work; delivery schedules of building materials, products, structures and equipment.

  • Supply facilities construction material and technical resources necessary to perform the work.

  • The organization of work at the facility in accordance with the design and standard documentation.

  • Coordinating the work of all subcontractors involved in the construction of the object.

  • Logging of construction and installation works and other documentation provided by the requirements of the regulations.

  • Monitoring compliance with the construction as a whole and of individual works performed by subcontractors drawings, building regulations, the requirements of the customer.

  • The control and supervision of the conformity of the volume, value and quality of work performed by subcontractors, design, building codes, standards, and the sub-contract.

  • Ensuring compliance with the terms of works in accordance with the construction schedule.

  • Quality control of the construction materials used.

  • Occupational safety and health and the environment during the construction works.

  • Interaction with technical supervision, as well as state regulatory bodies.

  • Complete information about the construction of the customer at any stage of construction

  • Object delivery to the customer.

The list of general contractor may be extended or changed by agreement with the customer.

We guarantee all activities in accordance with the design and regulatory documentation, and timely troubleshooting, discovered during the acceptance of the object and for the entire warranty period.

Engineering support for construction

With a powerful production and technical department , the company can offer the following services in the field of engineering construction supervision:

  • Development projects for the production of works (PPW) and process maps for certain types of work

  • Calculation of the volume of construction works, preparation of statements of requirements of building materials and machinery

  • Development, validation and examination of estimates for the construction and repair work

  • Techno-economic comparison of design solutions, the choice of optimal technology of construction