• Individual approach - a method of customer satisfaction.
  • Liability in cases - usually daily activities.
  • Honesty, openness and honesty - firm rules for the relationship with customers and partners.
  • Excellence, quality and professionalism - our standard of performance.
  • Focus on results - the requirement for the work performed.

Management of construction projects

The company Ltd. "Scientific Production Firm "Lugstroyekspert" carries out construction projects of any complexity, reconstruction or construction, industrial, civil and residential projects.

Professional management of investment construction project at all stages of its life cycle to avoid such typical for our construction market issues, such as:

  • Keeping the design and construction of a departure from the law;

  • Delays construction;

  • Not intended use of investment funds;

  • Unjustified increase in the construction budget;

  • Decline in the quality of a facility;

  • The presence of erroneous architectural , design and engineering solutions;

  • Non-performance of contractual obligations by contractors, suppliers.

The staff of our company has accumulated extensive experience in construction management. We offer a full service of construction projects, including the following issues:

  • Pre-training:

    • Development of the concept of the construction of the facility;

    • The preliminary cost of the construction project;

    • Development of a master schedule for the project , which reflects the main activities and general terms of doing all the work;

    • Engineering surveys (geology, geodesy, examination of technical condition of buildings and structures for the reconstruction of objects);

    • Preparation of specifications;

    • Receipt and registration of initial data for design.

  • Design:

  • Construction;

    • Obtaining permission to perform construction activities;

    • Conducting tenders for contractors;

    • Planning of construction, development and coordination of schedules of works, schedule of financing construction work, schedule delivery of materials;

    • Providing the necessary building materials, products and equipment;

    • Implementation of the operational management of construction;

    • Implementation of technical and author's supervision;