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Examination of the technical state

Ltd. "Scientific Production Firm "Lugstroyekspert" performs a comprehensive inspection of the technical condition of buildings and constructions of various purpose. In the course of the survey carried out visual and instrumental examination of the object. According to a survey prepared a technical report on the state of structures and objects in general.

Examination of the technical state of the design is a separate area of the building, covering issues related to the establishment of normal working conditions and livelihoods, ensuring durability and operational reliability of buildings and structures, with carrying out the repair work, as well as with the development of project documentation for the construction or strengthening their reconstruction.

All buildings (structures), regardless of their purpose, ownership, age, technical features are subject to periodic examinations by legislation based.

The purpose of inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures is to determine the current condition, the possibility of further operation on the design of technical building regulations, identifying the destruction of defects, deformities of the building as a whole or its individual structures, determine their causes, determine the degree of wear and tear as well as the development of measures to bring performance to the proper level.

Depending on the objectives of the survey are subject to inspection and protecting load-bearing structures, networks and communications, soils and foundations, etc. In addition to the visual and instrumental examination of the object in the survey are collected soil samples, samples of materials and conducted laboratory research.

Performing complex engineering inspection of buildings and structures, our company also produces:

  • Engineering and geological surveys;

  • Topographical survey;

  • Engineering and environmental studies;

  • Thermal survey;

  • Field and laboratory testing of structures and materials;

  • Definition of reinforced concrete structures;

  • Verification static calculations of building structures;

  • Verification heat engineering calculations walling;

  • Inspection of a technical condition of individual structures;

  • Drafting passports technical condition of buildings and structures;

  • The development of projects to strengthen and restore the structures of building and structures.