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Technical supervision of construction

Ltd. "Scientific Production Firm "Lugstroyekspert" performs technical supervision in the construction, a working group consisting of full-time employees with higher construction engineering education and specialized training in the field of technical supervision, appointed in accordance with the types of construction and assembly works technical features and characteristics of the construction and construction phase.

Technical supervision - a set of control and verification measures to ensure the construction and installation or repair and finishing works in full compliance with building codes and the requirements of the construction project, a target date in the project scope and high quality.

For technical supervision:

  • Preventing overestimation of costs;

  • Enforcement of building and finishing materials, structures and equipment approved design documents for construction.

  • Provision of construction works in accordance with the draft legislation and regulations;

  • Enforcement of the construction project in the specified time and in a given volume.

  • Ensuring the quality of construction in accordance with the requirements of building regulations, technical regulations and routings.

  • Exclusion of violations in the conduct of the executive documentation, complicating the facility to operate, and the work of technical services during the subsequent operation of the building;

hrough technical supervision customer can track all the builders that are known not only allows to be sure of the quality of the constructed object, but also save a lot of money.

The problems that can be avoided with the help of Technical Supervision for construction:

  • Unreasonable increase in the estimated cost of construction due to the appearance of "extra" work, overpricing of work and materials, zadvoeniya volumes, use contractors raising factors, excessive costs. Typically, the size of unjustified increase of the estimated cost of construction contractor exceeds the actual cost of the work by 20-30%.

  • Poor quality of construction, the violation of geometric, strength and protective characteristics of bearing and protecting designs, as well as the individual elements of the building, caused by the failure to comply with design solutions , deviations from the construction technology and regulatory requirements.

  • The use of contractors, poor quality or inappropriate materials, equipment replacement for cheaper "analogues", the use of building materials and components, other than incorporated in the project.

  • Disruption of the schedule of works and as a result, reduced profitability, worsening financial and economic indicators of the project.

  • Missing, incomplete or of poor quality design executive technical documentation reflecting the actual performance of work during the construction , which creates difficulties for technical services at the subsequent operation of the building.

Bringing the oversight allows investors or customers to save building from 30% to 50% of funds spent on the project.

The participation of an independent office of technical supervision during the construction to prevent disruption of the schedule of the project.

Timely communication specialist supervision for the works to prevent many cases of unauthorized use of cheap contractors, not the design, building materials (which happens in 80%-90% of cases, when the actions are not controlled by engineers, contractors technical control).

Technical supervision include:

  • Checking estimates contractor before starting work.

  • Continuous monitoring of the quality of work performed on the building code regulations, if necessary with the assistance of specialized expertise and laboratories;

  • Incoming inspection of the materials used;

  • Supervision over the compliance of construction and assembly works and the materials used, products, designs and equipment to the approved design decisions;

  • КMonitoring compliance with the rules executor of warehousing and storage of the materials, products and equipment;

  • Acceptance of the work performed with the signing of the relevant acts (hidden, testing, provisional acceptance of critical structures for buildings);

  • Photo-logging quality of construction with the provision of reports to investors;

  • Logging technical supervision, which records identified during the inspection of work performed variations: from the working drawings, the production technology of construction, from the existing SNIP and GOST, and also defines the terms of elimination of discrepancies found.

  • Monitoring the timeliness and quality in the elimination of the identified deviations recorded in the technical log supervision.

  • To verify compliance with the volume of work actually performed and presented for payment;

  • Monitoring compliance with the scope and terms of works contract terms and timetable of construction;

  • Keeping the cumulative note on the volume of work performed;

  • Drawing up lists of the necessary set of documents by type of work;

  • Availability control (completeness) and the correctness of the contractors for the construction of as-built documentation;

  • Check an executor documents on the quality (certificate in prescribed cases) to apply to them the materials, products and equipment, documented the results of entrance control and laboratory tests;

  • Managing master schedule for construction;

  • Prepare monthly report on the progress of construction of the facility;

  • Monitoring compliance with the rules on the subject of safety, fire safety, occupational safety;

  • Consultation of the Investor;

  • Optimization of design solutions;

  • Participation in the acceptance committee when entering the facility.

The cost of services of the Technical Oversight

The cost of services of the Technical Supervision is calculated individually based on the labor costs of the construction project depends on the number of engineers in a workgroup, composed, in turn, is determined by the type of upcoming construction activities, space and functionality of the facility construction, the construction period.

Approximate number of engineers, members of the working group of the Technical Supervision for high-tech facility for production purposes, with a total area of about 30,000 square meters, with an estimated construction period of 18 months from 2 to 6 people in a month. The number and specialization of engineers working group of technical supervision varies and is specified for each construction project.