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Thermal imaging inspection of buildings

Thermal survey - is examining objects in the infrared wavelength spectrum ("thermal image"), the measurement of the temperature at any point in the "heat pictures", observing the dynamics of thermal processes, the definition of quality and level of thermal insulation and humidity conditions, as well as the creation of a data bank on the thermal state each of the observed objects.

Thermal imaging inspection of buildings to determine:

  • Hidden defects in insulation or design flaws (poor-quality installation of window units, defects in insulation joints between panels, thermal bridges, etc.);

  • The actual heat loss and comparing them with normative;

  • Places where the walls sweating;

  • Designated flow roofing and walling soaking;

  • Flaws in the layout and unplanned losses in the heating system, a contamination of batteries;

  • Designated piping or electric heaters in heated floors;

  • Overheating and Electrical equipment elektroprovodki.

As the experience of the European countries, the introduction of thermal imaging survey reveals common errors in design and construction, as well as reduce the overall energy consumption of newly constructed and renovated buildings in compliance with the recommendations issued by our experts.

Despite the fact that our country has a thermal imaging survey is gaining momentum in the coming years, it could be one of the main mechanisms to encourage developers and building owners to the use of energy efficient technologies, a powerful factor in realizing the potential of energy saving.

Thermal imaging surveys to detect areas with heat leaks in building envelopes should be carried out during the heating season, when there is a temperature difference inside and outside air.

The roof, as well as the quality of finishing interior and exterior surfaces of walling better survey in the summer.

Thermal imaging surveys in the energy industry and allow for early detection of emergency situations and promptly perform preventive maintenance to improve safety operated facilities.

Operative can be defective in electrical networks, connectors, insulators, defects in electrical and heating equipment (transformers, boilers, generators), defects in the lining and insulation, the analysis of refrigeration dryers, warehouses, production lines, etc.

To perform thermal imaging surveys specialists of certified used and periodically test in accordance with the metrological equipment standards.